Novemballs is the biggest campaign on the Comedy Central Roster each year. Its purpose is to draw attention to Testicular Cancer by getting men to actually check their berries for any lumps and taking precautions against testicular cancer. The campaign focused around the many wonderful, varied, and sometimes icky words the English language has for the humble testicle. We present to you Novemballs 2020.

Imagine a world without...BALLS! 

Public Service announcement created to encourage men to check their little fruits for any lumps for cancer awareness month at Comedy Central. 

BREAKING NEWS: We created three mock news promos covering the inexplicable disappearance of all the worlds balls. It's nuts!

Throughout the month of November posters reminding followers to Comedy Central's social pages were reminded to check on their boys.

Creative Director & Animation: Waldo Buchner
Art Direction & Design: Chris Savides
Additional Design & Animation: Robbie Fripp
Illustrations: Robbie Fripp, Chris Savides, Waldo Buchner
Newsreader & Voiceover artist: Ebenhaezer Dibakwane
Client: Viacom CBS / Carla Bekker (Senior On-air producer)
*This work was done during my time at Omni creative agency -

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