NickMusic Title Sequence & Show GFX

One of the more visually striking and fun projects we worked on was NickMusic for Paramount. A collaboration between Chappies and for a new show coming to Nickelodeon hosted by a young, dynamic, and vibrant child presenter. The show focuses on kid-friendly music videos while making use of fun engagement elements like pop up questions and "Did you know" segments. The challenge was creating graphic elements that appealed to the youth while keeping it visually stimulating as well as having an African flavour.

Title Sequence: We wanted to create a short, punchy title sequence that slapped HARD. Something that would holds kid's attention and while incorporating elements of our nostalgic African culture but also still being very much a Nickelodeon piece of branding. The end result is something that won us a silver Promax Africa award for Title Sequence Design and another Silver for Best Kid's Promo.

The design for the show was approached by combining African aesthetics, i.e., patterns, colours and nature into the existing Nickelodeon brand identity to give it its own unique flavour while still being very obviously a Nickelodeon product. The end result is a fun and vibrant look that would make any kid stand up and notice. 


CLIENT: Nickelodeon / Paramount
Creative Director: Waldo Buchner
Art Director: Chris Savides
Design: Robbie Fripp, Chris Savides
Animation: Robbie Fripp
Editing: Jeanesse Martinez
Awards: 2 x Silver Promax's for Title Sequence and Best Kid's Promo

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