Hustle Energy_ 
The Energy Drink of the Future_
When approached to create the branding and marketing for the newest energy drink on the market we knew we had to do something completely different from the competition to stand out. Our approach was to appeal to the people that consume energy drinks, gamers, athletes, and extreme sports enthusiasts. We created a futuristic world that would appeal to people across these markets. A futuristic world, a world where anything is possible. A world where the energy drink of the future is here, right now. Welcome to Hustle. 

I was responsible for all the compositing and 2D motion graphics.

Launch Video_
To make an impact and cut through everything that's been done before we created a launch video, and introduced an original character we created. Meet Alyxx, an agent of Hustle City and the face of Hustle Energy. The aim of the video was not only to create hype but also to highlight what makes Hustle Energy different to all the other energy drinks on the market.

Alyxx Dev_
The development of Alyxx started early on in the brand identity process, after many revisions and sketches we settled on what you see below. A mix between a super bike rider and a character you'd find in a AAA videogame title. Her look was inspired by futuristic Noir aesthetics and the underground cyberpunk art style. The end result is something that has resonated with fans of the product that looks familiar yet also something entirely new. 

Merch + Collateral_
To launch Hustle we created a press drop box that contained a can of each flavour of Hustle, a Tee, a sticker pack and a welcome card. We created print collateral assets that included a full-size cutout for stacking six-packs of Hustle as well as vinyl fridge designs. 

Website Landing Page_
We created a landing page to make it easy for clients to learn about the brand and also purchase Hustle in the fewest amount of clicks. The live website has rotating cans as the user scrolls as well as being fully responsive and quick to load.

​​​​​​​Digital Marketing_
To go along with our futuristic world we built we also wanted to have the human element for people to relate to. Focusing on the different audiences that would be interested in Hustle and keeping within our visual identity we created designs for use across all social platforms. Posts are designed for brand awareness and also education, giving audiences value by providing useful information and tips, along with the general brand awareness of Hustle. 

Client_ NPL Hustle
Creative Director_ Waldo Buchner
Art Director + Design_ Chris Savides
3D artists_ Ingmar Büchner, Waldo Büchner
Animation_ Robbie Fripp
Video Editing_ Jeanesse Martinez
Marketing_ Kirsten Reis

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